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maNga history (more at Wikipedia)


The maNga group was founded in 2002 in Turkey, they reached second place at the music contest called "Sing Your Song" after playing in various clubs. Their "base" is at the Limon Bar in Ankara. The group was named after the Japanese cartoon manga. They used to play cover songs of foreign rock bands but their biggest dream was to make an own album with own songs.

The dream came true in 2004, by Sony Music Turkey. The self-titled album became the favourite of young people throughout Turkey, they are invited to various music festivals and have worked with such famous Turkish artists as Koray Candemir (Kargo) and Göksel. Most of the songs on the album was written by the group members.


¤ Ferman

Ferman Akgül

  • Full name: Ferman Akgül
  • Instrument: vocal
  • Birthdate: 25 December, 1979
Ferman, who was born on 25 December 1979, in Ankara, has graduated from Gazi University in architecture. Ferman, who started his music career playing the guitar, was a solist for a variety of music groups and appeared on stage quite a lot of times. He joined maNga in the beginning of 2002.

He has a wonderful and variable tone of voice, he can perfectly manage the slower, lyrical songs but isn't afraid of letting his voice out when things get "metallic".

¤ Yamyam

Yağmur Sarıgül

  • Full name: Yağmur Sarıgül
  • Instrument: Electric guitar
  • Birthdate: 26 August, 1979
He was born on 26 August 1979, in Antalya. Yağmur, who has been given musical training since primary school, was trained also in piano and violin, before he started playing the guitar. Yağmur became a student of piano at Hacettepe Conservatorium in piano, of violin at the preaprational programme of Bilkent University, guitar at Ankara Anadolu Fine Arts High School and now he studies guitar at the Music Faculty of Gazi University. At the Sing Your Song music contest, where maNga finished 2nd in 2002, he was chosen „Best Musician”.

Being the founder of the band, the others call him the "Father" of maNga. Genious songwriter and mystic personality, he catches attention with his marvellous way of playing the guitar as well as his outstanding stage performance. His often cold appearance covers a witty, sparkling mind and a mild heart.

¤ Cem

  • Full name: Cem Bahtiyar
  • Instrument: Bass guitar
  • Birthdate: 8 January, 1979

He was born in Denizli. He had classic guitar lessons at high school, then finished the Denizli Conservatory and became a student at Bilkent University. Currently he also works with Göksel.

Doing the bass and the background vocals he is energetic and smiling all the time but as it is a requirement for a rock musician, he can be wild and hard on stage.

¤ Efe

Efe Yılmaz
  • Full name : Efe Yılmaz
  • Instrument : TurnTable
  • Birthdate: 3 October, 1979

He was born in Ankara. He started making remixes quite early, with equipment set up in his own home. Now he studies at Anatolia University.

His hands do marvels with those disks. He's usually silent at interviews but mostly because Ferman can't shut his mouth for a single moment. Stays in the background but he does those scratchy effects that makes the songs so damn modern and catchy.

¤ Özgür

Özgür Can Öney
  • Full name: Özgür Can Öney
  • Instrument: Drums
  • Birthdate: 21 July, 1980

He was born in Ankara. He studies astrology at Ankara University and Anatolia University at the same time. He composed the music for several theatrical plays.

His recently bald head hides a great mind. Usually silent and calm but hits those drums with great power. Beware, skilled in martial arts!


The mascot of the group, 'who' features in every of their videos, as part of a cartoon.

  • He was born on 24 August 2004, in Istanbul
  • Type: toy
  • Sex: 100% male
  • State of mind: in love

What can we say of Spa... He is certainly a joint part of the band, however virtual he is. He was born of Efe's idea and got his name froma Turkish word pun, when he was drawn, the guys looked him in amazement and said: "Sıpaya bak" and so he became Spa.

(in Turkish you cannot pronounce two consonants at the beginning of a word and therefore in pronunciation you have to add a vowel according to vowel harmony, so you pronounce SPA as "Sıpa")